Bristol Independent Business: Neck on the Line Jewellery

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As part of our Bristol independent business series, we scout the city for those with the most innovative of small enterprises.


What started in one young woman’s bedroom has become one of the most sought-after jewellery lines in Bristol and nationwide.

neck 1

Neck on the Line is a small, independent business which was started by Bristol local Joanna Tuchband back in 2014.

neck 3.jpg

“I have always been an entrepreneurial person. I had a passion for making my own money from a young age, and combined that with my love of being creative. I used these traits to start up my jewellery business.”

neck on the line

It all began as a tiny venture, when she was making simple cord chokers with silver charms on them. Initially, Joanna was using eBay as her primary selling platform. Slowly the sales began to increase so she set up a professional Instagram page and website. Self-teaching herself everything from business practices to sourcing the right materials, Joanna has built a successful brand from the ground up. Now she ships as many as 130 orders per month and 250 over the Christmas period.


“I try and create a range of jewellery for young adults to enjoy, I never sell anything I wouldn’t wear myself as I wouldn’t be able to channel my passion into making and sourcing the products.” 


As well as hand-making the chokers, the ‘Nahiti necklaces’ and cutting and sizing all of her chains, Joanna also buys stones, rings, gold and silver-plated charms and more from all over the globe. Her crystals she sources from India, as they are the most beautiful and the highest of quality.


Neck on the Line is proof that with creativity and determination, young individuals can indeed be successful business owners. Boasting a near 20K followers on Instagram, many know Neck on the Line as the go-to place for amazing looking pieces for an extremely decent price.


In fact, Instagram is the main platform that helped the business to grow. This was achieved in-part by gaining promotion and advertising from fashion bloggers and ‘public figures’ to initially spread the word. Now the page speaks for itself. Its aesthetic is strong, contemporary and unique. Check it out – we can guarantee that you’ll love pretty much every item on there.


You won’t believe the prices. Some pieces cost as little as a fiver and there are always special offers on!


Head to the Instagram page here and Facebook page here.


The official website can be found here.

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